Beat Bike Theft

As we know, bike theft is a continuing problem and figures show it is only getting worse. According to figures bike theft has become so common that it affects 1 in 5 cyclists. LV= insurance company found that a fifth of bikes are stolen within 6 months of purchase.

These new statistics have shown that bike theft has risen by 7% in the last year, however the true figure could be much larger as many as 30% of these thefts going unreported.

Have you been a bike theft victim?

Have you been a bike theft victim?

Reports have also uncovered a shocking amount of repeat bike theft victims, as one in 20 have had their bikes stolen three times or more and this has cost victims an average of £220 to replace their bikes.

Research found that the most common place for bike theft is at home, with 30% of bikes being taken from sheds and garages. Make sure your bike is securely locked when you are at home. Many bike owners don’t take as much care with bike security when they are at home, as they feel less at risk of theft.

Keep your bike stored securely at home with secure bike storage from Asgard Secure Steel Storage. Our bike storage sheds are tough! If you are looking for the best bike security the Asgard Annexe is a High Security Bike Shed, with the best security for your bike. This garden bike shed has been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to Level 1 and has been fitted with top security features.

Garden Bike Shed

Garden Bike Shed

The tough 5 point locking system, integral metal base and reinforced doors, hinges and panels all work together to keep your bike safe. See a full range of secure bike sheds on the Asgard Website.


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