Tool theft increase in the UK

January 2013 has seen many reports of tool theft, in various areas of the country.  Police in Galloway, believe that gangs of power tool thieves are operating in Stewartry, as a large haul of tools has been stolen from properties in a two week period totalling £10,000. Items that these thieves are targeting are nail guns, cordless drills and other electric tools.

Bracknell has also fallen foul to tool thieves, as police have recovered chainsaws, leaf-blowers, hedge trimmer and hand- drills, however the thefts have yet to be reported by victims.

These thefts highlight the importance of secure tool storage, to prevent theft and keep your tools safe. So how do you keep tools safe?

Tool security tips:

  • Never leave tools in a van or car, especially in plain view.
  • Mark your tools with your postcode.
  • Lock your tools away securely.

The best way to protect your tools from theft is by locking your tools away securely. A range of workshop storage is available from Asgard.  These metal workshop storage units form Asgard Secure Steel Storage are made from strong weatherproof steel and are fitted with tough features to keep thieves out.

Keep your tools secure in Asgard workshop Storage

Keep your tools secure in Asgard workshop Storage

“I only have a wooden garage, so I am always concerned about breakins.  These days we don’t have the money to upgrade the garage so this was ideal for us.  Very strong and really heavy – Bolting down to the floor is an excellent idea”. John

A pick resistant locking mechanism, strong locking system and reinforced components all help to offer the best security for tools.

Find out more about Asgard workshop storage units on the Asgard website.


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