What is the best way to keep your tools secure?

With tool theft on the increase, secure tool and workshop storage is becoming increasingly important. Gangs of tool thieves are targeting vans and garden sheds looking for power tools to steal and these stolen items are usually sold on at car boot sales.

In Cambridge 22 cars and vans have been targeted by tool thieves in the space of a week and thieves have been walking away with hundreds of pounds worth of items. Recently, police recovered more than 150 power tools from a house in London. These tools included drills, chainsaws and angle grinders.

Make sure your tools are locked away

Make sure your tools are locked away

Making sure you tools are locked away securely, will not only keep your tools safe, but it can also keep your home and property protected too. As many thieves steal tools and use them to break into people’s homes.

How do you keep tools safe?

For the best protection for your tools, make sure they are locked out of sight. Asgard Secure Steel Storage offers a range of high security workshop storage units to provide security for your tools and equipment.

Secure Workshop Storage

Secure Workshop Storage

Asgard workshop storage is made from strong weatherproof steel and has been fitted with the best security features, such as a pick resistant locking mechanism and 5 point locking system to keep thieves out. The reinforced hinges, doors and panels also make this an extremely tough storage unit. Find out more about these high security workshops, by visiting the Asgard Website.


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