Top cycling apps for your phone

If technology and cycling is your thing, you’ll be on the lookout for the best cycling apps for your smartphone. In this list you’ll find something for your every cycling need!

Bike Doctor 2

This app features 29 of the most common bike repairs, with step by step guides to help you get your bike moving again. Great for those cycling emergencies and for those who are bike repair novices.

Bike Hub

Bike Hub is a free app that allows you to get from A to B on the best cycling route. Depending on your mood and confidence, you can choose between a fast route, a quiet route or something in between.


The Cyclemeter app tracks your cycling while utilising your phones GPS. You’ll be able to see statistics such as speed and distance and all of the information can be transferred to a computer.

Get the best cycling apps for your phone

Get the best cycling apps for your phone


This app revolves around a community and provides a competitive element to your cycling routine. With this app you are able to track ‘segments’ of road and compete with riders who have used also ridden the same ‘segment’ to see who can do the fastest time.  This is a great app to unleash your competitive side.

Garmin Fit

Garmin Fit turns your smartphone into a training tool and is useful for all kinds of sports including cycling. Once you have finished your session,the data is uploaded to Garmin Connect, allowing you to track your training progress.


How your garden can add value to your home

When trying to sell your home, the appeal of your garden can often be overlooked. But a new study has shown just how important a garden can be to potential buyer.

Research has shown that when it comes to moving house, two fifths of people living in the UK would refuse to even consider a home unless it had a decent garden and one in seven home owners claim that simple garden improvements have added value to their property.

Prune your garden to sell your house

Prune your garden to sell your house

If you are trying and struggling to sell your property, here are a few ways that you can add more value through your garden:

  • Reduce clutter and simplify the space, which will make your garden look larger
  • Conceal unsightly items such as wheelie bins
  • Remove all weeds
  • Mow your lawn and trim the edges. Neat grass always looks appealing and the smell of fresh cut grass is delightful
  • Address any long term problems before you put your house on the market
  • Check that your garden furniture is all in good condition. Even if you aren’t planning on leaving this behind, potential buyers will be able to think about where their own items will go.

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Garden of the year 2013

The garden of the year award is sponsored by the Historic Houses Association and Christie’s. This competition has been running annually since 1984 and the award goes to the HHA Member garden which has been voted as the favourite throughout the year. This award is a reflection of the positive experiences and enjoyment people have had from visiting the gardens.

This years winner of the award is Dalemain Mansion and Gardens in Cumbria.

The owner Jane Hasell- McCosh said ” I feel very humbled that people came and voted for it. Friends who own gardens have won it before: Levens Hall, and Forde Abbey, but they’re the big boys, really. I inherited the garden as a space that was open to the public, so I’ve always gardened for other people rather than myself. It’s lovely to feel that people are enjoying it and getting something out of it.”

Dalemain dates back to the reign of Henry II, but has been a family home since 1679 and is now home to the worlds first marmalade awards.

Find out more about the Dalemain Mansion and Gardens

National Gardening Week is on its way!

National Gardening Week takes place every year in April. This year this special week will be held from the 15th of April to the 21st, all in aid of keeping Britain beautiful.  The Royal Horticultural Society is holding two main themes for this year’s National Gardening Week; Horticultural Careers and planting for wildlife.

What will you do for National Gardening Week?

What will you do for National Gardening Week?

There are many ways in which you can get involved with National Gardening Week, ideas can be found on the National Gardening Week website, including:

  • Hold a garden party in your local garden or park.
  • Celebrate in the workplace by bringing in beautiful plants and flowers.
  • Open up your allotment to visitors.

If you are planning an event, don’t forget to register your event! Even more importantly, don’t forget to share it with us on Facebook!

Planning on visiting your local RHS Garden? Or want to find an event in your area?  Take a look at the National Gardening Week event finder.

Yorkshire Tour de France 2014 Government Funding

It has been announced that an extra £10 million has been awarded to the Tour de France Grand depart in Yorkshire. The funding from the central government was awarded after weeks of lobbying by ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ and the Yorkshire MPs. This funding has been awarded by the government, but the money will only be received when ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ can show that they plan on making this event have national scope, with a solid plan to capitalise on this huge event.

A report in the Financial Times explained that current plans for the Yorkshire Depart are not strong enough to deliver a world class event. It said “We would like a more joined-up approach to the organisation of the world’s biggest cycle race which will ensure we maximise the benefits for Yorkshire and the other parts of England that the race will pass through”.

Tour De France 2014 is coming to Yokrshire

Tour De France 2014 is coming to Yorkshire

Based in Yorkshire, everyone here at Shedforce is looking forward to seeing what ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ will pull it out of the bag. Hopefully this will be the event to remember that we have been promised and will make Yorkshire proud.

Find out more about the Grand Depart at here.

The London Cycling Campaign and their bike-friendly lorry

A new lorry has been designed by the London Cycling Campaign, known as the Safer Urban Lorry. This design is based on construction lorries, as three quarters of cycling fatalities in the Greater London area involving lorries, were from the construction industry. Unfortunately the drivers of these vehicles most frequent response following a fatality is that they didn’t see the victim before the crash.

For this reason, this bike friendly lorry has been designed with a lower seating position, lower ground clearance and much larger windows at the front and side. All of these changes will enable the driver to have a better view of cyclists.

London Cycling Campaign haulage expert and former lorry driver Charlie Lloyd said:

“Our Safer Urban Lorry design is a challenge to the construction industry to use vehicles that help reduce the terrible number of people on bikes and on foot who are killed by lorries”.

“The restricted view from the cab of many of today’s construction lorries means the driver often has little or no idea who or what is in their immediate vicinity, which is totally unacceptable.”

Safer Urban Lorry

Safer Urban Lorry

The Safer Urban Lorry features:

Lower driving position

The seating position is 60cm lower than in a conventional construction lorry, providing a better view of what is happening around the vehicle.

High – visibility glass panels

The windscreen and side windows are much larger than current construction lorries, again giving a better view of things happening around the vehicle.

Lower bumper clearance

Reducing clearance between the underside of the lorry and the ground height helps lower the height of the cab and the seating position.

Side guards

Sideguards increase the chances of a cyclist being knocked away from a lorry in the event of a collision instead of being dragged under its rear wheels.

Early warning cameras

This technology provides a 360 degree view around the lorry, ensuring the driver is aware of pedestrians and cyclists at the sides and rear of the lorry.

Information provided by the London Cycling Campaign. Find out more about the lorry and the London Cycling Campaign on the London Cycling Campaign Website.

Hackney is the cycling capital of London

Census data has shown that in Hackney more people commute by bike than car and the London borough has the highest bike rider-ship in the capital.

Statistics taken from the census showed that 1 in 7 Hackney residents use their bike as their main method of getting to work. This is the highest in London, at 14.6%, with Islington coming in second at 9.6%.

There are many factors that are thought to have encouraged the popularity of cycling in Hackney;

  • The borough is flat and within good distance to areas of employment.
  • The population has risen by 44,000 over the last 10 years.
  • The population of Hackney is largely the young and fashionable.

One of the biggest factors has been the council’s willingness to redesign junctions and one way streets to include cycle lanes.

Copenhagen cycle lane

Overall cycling in London has increased by 109% since 2001. Statistics have shown that the City of London is the only other London borough where more people cycle than drive to work.

With such positive figures for cycling in Hackney, hopefully more boroughs will follow suit to encourage cycling, making it safer and more accessible for people to get on their bikes.

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