Interesting Shed Facts

Since National Shed Week is about to start, we thought we would share some unusual shed facts with you.

Shed Facts

1. If you laid all the sheds in the world end to end they would wrap around the planet six and a half times.

2. The Garden Shed was voted into the Millennium Dome’s national identity display as one of the top symbols of Britishness.

3. Last year Britain spent £85 million on sheds.

4. The number of homes in Britain with a garden shed is 9.6 million and 52% of the population own one.

5. Delia Smith makes up her recipes in one, George Bernard Shaw wrote ‘Pygmalion’ in his and the inventor Trevor Bayliss build the prototype for his clockwork radio in his garden shed.

6. English Heritage has recently honoured 52 listed sheds in a photographic exhibition celebrating them as architectural treasures.

7. TV’s most famous shed belongs to the Fowler family in ‘Eastenders’, but Arthur would turn in his grave if he knew that since his death it has been used as a ‘passion pad’, a place to harbour criminals and for his young son Martin to grow cannabis.

8. If you type the work ‘SHED’ into Google it lists 5,380,000 sites, with 1,740,000 devoted to them.

9. In a recent survey more than a third of those questioned would like to install a hot tub in their garden shed.

10. In 1995 police arrested a teenager in Detroit for attempting to construct a Nuclear Breeder Reactor in his parents’ potting shed, for his Boy Scout Merit Badge.

National Shed week  2013 will be taking place from the 1st July to the 7th. You can celebrate the Great British shed with Asgard. For this week only you can save 5% on all metal garden storage units from Asgard.

Annexe high security garden shed

Asgard metal garden sheds

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A metal storage shed – a ‘must-have’ for Allotment Growers

Do you have an allotment?

Over a quarter of a million people in the UK currently hold an allotment plot.  Allotment gardening has always been a popular option for those of you who don’t mind getting their hands dirty in soil and spend time nurturing flowers and vegetable plants, but may not always have the space in their garden.  Apart from providing low cost food, they also provide valuable recreational opportunities involving healthy activity and social contacts.


How does your garden grow?

Taking on an allotment plot is not all hard work; it can have many advantages, providing fresh home grown vegetables, fruit and flowers for you and your family, free from artificial additives and at a fraction of that you would have expected to pay in a supermarket or greengrocer.

There is also the social side, meeting new friends with similar interests and enabling you to enjoy a healthy outdoor life with gentle exercise and a place to relax and unwind.

Did you know: The first legislative reforms date back to the Enclosures Act of 1845. Today, the Council has a statutory requirement to provide allotments for the public.

Is your allotment secure?

As many allotments are independently or council owned, they will often have different levels of security.  Many allotment sites suffer from vandalism and theft, from minor incidents such as disappearing Fruit and Veg, ranging to major incidents where sheds located on one site have been broken into and vandalism, smashing of glass in greenhouses, breaking tools, dumping rubbish and damaging frames.

Keep your tools under lock and key 

Always try and keep all your gardening tools locked up and out of sight in allotment huts and sheds.  Not only do they provide shelter from the rain for expensive tools, gardening equipment and clothing, they provide much needed security for your allotment.

Secure Storage units for your allotments

If you need a secure storage unit installed in your allotment, you can choose from a range of metal storage sheds from Asgard in various sizes according to your needs.  The Asgard Addition is a popular choice for many gardens and allotments due to its compact size and multi-purpose storage space.  Built from our tough, galvanised (weather proof) steel with an integral metal floor and convenient large double door access this unit features an excellent 3-point locking system.

Asgard Addition storage unit

Asgard Addition storage unit – Great for allotment storage!

Smart and stylish, the Asgard Addition metal shed unit is available in a choice of 3 colours – dark green, ivory and brown enabling you to match the unit to your environment, and ensure your allotment is looking neat and tidy.

Top Tip: We recommend that you check the area available to install your shed before installation, and confirm with the allotment regulations before installation.

Want to grow your own?

Whether you are budding vegetable grower or a seasoned gardener, visit the Allotment diaries website for more ideas on making the most of your allotment.  For a ‘Plot Holders’ Guide’ from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) click here.

To view our full range of outdoor storage units and unit sizes, visit our website for further details.  We also offer free delivery and an installation service is also available for added convenience.

Time for a Barbeque Party?

Are you planning a BBQ party?  With the Football and Wimbledon season in full swing, are you making the most of the lovely summer weather in the garden?

Everyone is rolling out their grills and dusting off the patio furniture. Summertime is meant for backyard gatherings with great food and drink with family and friends.  Whether its steak, chicken, ribs or veggies, barbecuing is a fun and easy way to make a delicious fun meal and keep your friends and family coming back for more!


Summer garden BBQ party – you’re invited!

Safety check – Before you plan your party and invite everyone round, make sure you are fully prepared.  If you are using Gas for your Barbeque, you will need to check that the gas bottles will be stored safely and secured to prevent any accidents.

The best way to store gas bottles is in a robust metal storage unit, such as the Asgas 38 gas bottle storage unit.  Built from weatherproof steel, the Asgard gas bottle storage range is available in 3 different designs to suit the three most popular gas bottle sizes.

Asgard Gas Bottle Storage

Asgard Gas Bottle Storage – Handy for BBQ’s

All of our gas bottle storage units have been designed in conjunction with Calor gas and are the only units on the market to be selected as Calor Choice products.

Security check – Without realising it, the costs of BBQ equipment do add up; with a BBQ grill, gas bottles, patio heating, garden furniture and lighting equipment, we recommend that they are kept locked away when they are not being used.  The best way to store them would be in a secure outdoor storage unit, such as the Asgard Classic metal storage unit, which will ensure they are kept safe and dry until the next BBQ party.

Asgard Classic outdoor storage unit

Store all your expensive garden equipment and BBQ safe and secure in the Asgard Classic outdoor storage unit.

The Asgard Classic Garden Storage unit provides high security outdoor storage of expensive garden equipment and furniture.  Built with a thick, heavy galvanised steel panel construction and large double door access, the Classic metal shed is an ideal store for all your high value garden equipment.  Fitted with a strong 5-point locking system with Loss Prevention Certification Board approval (to level 1), you can be assured this storage unit offers excellent garden equipment storage security.

If your planning a BBQ party and need some recipe ideas and help with setting up the BBQ grill visit the website from Calor Gas BBQ website here.

Don’t forget to get yourself the coolest new BBQ gadgets this summer at – Your BBQ party wont be complete without it!

For a full range of secure metal storage units for your garden visit our website now

Mayor and Transport for London road safety plans

The Mayor of London and TFL has published a plan to reduce road traffic casualties in London. The ‘Safe Streets for London’ plan aims to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on London’s roads by 40% by 2020, with the ultimate goal of making London’s road free from death and serious injury.

Outlined in the plan for safer roads, Transport for London will:

  • Identify and address ‘critical list’ junctions and locations and boroughs that require improvement.
  • The TFL’s Better Junctions programme will see funding increase to £100m.
  • London’s safety camera network will be improved and upgraded with more efficient technology.
  • TFL will support and fund the installation of 20mph zones and limits on borough roads across London.
  • More blind spot safety mirrors will be installed to help improve visibility of cyclists for large goods vehicle drivers.
  • Pedestrian countdown at traffic signals will be rolled out at more locations.


In the plan for safer people, the TFL will:

  • Increase policing and enforcement with the Cycle Task Force to be expanded from 39 to 50 officers.
  • Introduce new marketing and education resources focusing on the improvement of safety for children, cyclists, pedestrians, young drivers and motorcyclists.
  • Offer school cycle training to every school pupil in London, with support for boroughs to extend child and adult cycle training.

For safe vehicles, the TFL will:

  • Improve technology for an improvement in cyclist safety, with visible or audible warning alerts to drivers and cyclists.

The plans outlined in the ‘Safe Streets for London’ plan will run in conjunction with the mayors ‘Vision for Cycling in London’ which aims to increase cycling in London by 400% by the year 2026.

With cyclist deaths increasing in London, it is good to see this problem being taken seriously by the government. If these improvements are successful, it will be good to see plans like this taking place in other major UK cities. Read the full ‘Safer Streets for London’ plan.

London drivers face points on their license for stopping in bike boxes

A new crackdown by the Transport for London, will see drivers who stop in bike boxes at traffic lights receiving a £60 fine and 3 penalty points if they are caught.  According to the Evening Standard,  Transport for London is close to securing a change in the law which will allow this to be enforced by civil authorities.

Under the current law only police can enforce this, however this is rarely done. Transport for London want to use CCTV and number plate recognition technology to enforce the law. An article from the Guardian in 2010, highlighted the difficulties the police face in enforcing this law. In this Article, PC James Aveling said that “Booking cars which enter the zone is tricky, as it’s not illegal if they stop in one if a light turns red as they’re part-way in. Officers thus have to watch a driver creep in on an already red light. There are also rumours that some officers see the penalty for the infringement – six points on the licence the same as you’d get for sailing all the way through the red light – as somewhat disproportionate.”

Time for a better cycling infrastructure

The director of cycling charity Sustrans said that “Fining drivers who stop in bicycle boxes will help change behaviour so that in the future this issue will need very little policing and our roads will be safer and more harmonious.”

However Paul Watters, the head of road policy for the AA said that “rule enforcement by camera could result in motorists being unfairly punished when there are mitigating factors”

By enforcing this rule in this way, the Transport for London will be hoping to see a change in driver attitude and behaviour to create safer roads for cyclists. This is just one of the many steps that the Transport for London are taking to make London’s roads a safer place to for everyone.

NEW Asgard High Security Garden Shed

The newest addition the Asgard high security shed range is here, the Annexe metal garden shed. This new high security shed has been designed to provide your garden with the toughest secure storage.  Asgard metal sheds are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, this new high security shed is no different and is fitted from top to bottom with tough heavy duty features.

Annexe high security garden shed

Annexe high security garden shed

Inside this metal shed there is plenty of room for expensive gardening equipment and power tools, which will all be locked away safely to give you peace of mind.  This high security shed is made from weatherproof steel panels and is fitted with a robust shed locking system, which features a pick resistant euro cylinder lock to keep thieves out!

Weatherproof steel shed

Weatherproof steel shed

Additional features also include a full integral metal floor and reinforced doors, hinges and panels.  All of these heavy duty features have resulted in this high security shed being approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to level 1, which may help to reduce insurance premiums. Find out more about this metal shed on the Asgard wesbsite.

Could cycle route logging get your bike stolen?

A warning has been released by police in the Tamworth area, urging cyclists to be cautious about posting too many details about their cycle routes online. This warning has come after a spate of thefts in the area.

The police have suggested that it is possible that bike thieves are logging onto cycling websites, that enthusiastic cyclists use to log their routes, bike details etc and are using this information to steal their bikes.

Bike theft police warning

Bike theft police warning

Chief Inspector Ian Coxhead said “These are sites where cyclists can log the make of their bike and upload their cycle routes as tracked by the GPS devices, which can track people back to their home, so I would be cautious about what you advertise online”.

This type of bike theft is not too dissimilar from bike thieves following cyclists home after cycling events and finding out where they live, so that they can steal the bikes at a later date.  This was the case with charity bike rider Stuart Fox in Lincoln, who had four bikes stolen just hours after completing a charity bike ride and raising £1,500. Mr Fox said “I go out on my bike three or four times a week and I feel like maybe I’ve been watched”

When your bike isn’t in use, make sure your bike is fully protected at home and is stored securely and safely out of sight. Asgard bike storage units offer fantastic protection for bikes. These bike sheds are all made from strong weatherproof steel panels and have been designed to help keep thieves out!

Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

These bike storage units are available in a range of shapes and sizes and if you live in a particular risky area, the Asgard high security bike store will do the trick! View the full range of Asgard bike storage and help keep your bike protected from the risk of theft.