Fans go crazy for the Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the few remaining sporting events that you can attend for free. With nothing but the open road, there is plenty of space for fans to set up camp, sit back, relax and enjoy.

To find accommodation in these locations can take a huge amount of planning and many make their reservations as soon as the race route is announced.

Tour De France 2014 is coming to Yokrshire

Tour de France makes fans dreams come true

With fans travelling from far and wide, specialist companies are now popping up offering complete packages for those wanting to turn viewing the Tour de France into a Holiday. One company, Sports Tours International offers a range of packages including a 12 day trip for £2000.

At every stage, start and finish, fans can be found swarming, trying to get a glimpse of their favourite riders and hoping to get photos and autographs.

Many people in the UK, will be able to fulfil their dreams of watching the Tour de France as it makes its grand depart from West Yorkshire, in 2014.  No doubt local cycling fans cannot wait for this huge event to reach their home towns and the feeling of being able to be in the heart of the action without having to fork out a fortune is priceless. The Tour de France 2014, will make watching the event for UK fans easier than ever!


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