Summer gardening tips

Follow these tips to help keep your plants in full health during a hot summer spell.

Don’t over fertilise

The stronger your plant, the better it can withstand the stress of hot temperatures. Make sure you fertilise the soil before planting.

Choose plants that are heat resistant of have an extensive root system

By choosing plants with a hardier root system, your summer garden will get off on the right foot. These type of plants will also need watering less often.

Use shade cloth

This can be used to protect young fragile seedlings, or can be used to give larger plants a break from the heat.


Mulch is important for retaining fertility, moisture and nutrients in the soil. Mulch also helps to protect the soil from UV light. Grass, hay and newspaper can all be used as mulch.

Water Butts

I know in the UK some areas haven’t seen rain for a number of weeks, but a water butt is still a good investment. Water butts capture rain water, which you can then use to water your garden. This gives you a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to water your garden.


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