Which county is the worst for rural crime in the UK?

In recent years rural crime was becoming a big problem for farmers. Things are slowly getting better as the rural crime rate is now at a 5 year low and rural crime across the UK fell by 19% in 2012, which is due to the reduced number of tractor and quad bike thefts. However this type of crime still costs in the millions. New figures released have shown that the cost of rural crime in Yorkshire is the highest in the UK, according to insurance company NFU Mutual, which insurers over 70% of farmers and figures show that losses to rural crime in Yorkshire in 2012 cost an estimated £3.4m.

NFU Mutual spokesperson, Tim Price, said that the decline in the number of rural thefts was down to better security features on tractors and anti-crime initiatives.

Mr Price said, “The difficulty policing the countryside is the sheer size of it……so it does call for a different approach to security compared to urban areas.”

There are a number of ways that you can try and keep farming equipment and tools protected from rural theft, simply by using common sense and locking away as much of your equipment as you can. If you are concerned about rural theft and want to keep your equipment safe and protected, an Asgard storage unit is just the thing you need.

XXL Metal Storage units from Asgard

XXL Metal Storage units from Asgard

The Asgard range of XL metal sheds is the ideal place to store expensive farming equipment as they offer ample amounts of space and are fitted with a number of tough security features included a 5 point locking system and pick resistant lock, designed to help keep thieves out!


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