Quad Bike Theft Statistics 2012

New statistics released have shown that in 2012 Tractor thefts has fallen by a massive 47% compared to the previous year, unfortunately figures from the Metropolitan police force’s Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence unit showed that quad bike theft has increased by 25%. It seems thieves have stopped targeting the large machinery and are focussing on quad bikes, as they are easy to drive away.

Keep your quad bike safe from theft

Keep your quad bike safe from theft

This has affected areas such as the West Country, where rural crime including quad bike theft reached £7.6 million. The North – West of England has also seen high rates of quad bike theft, as has Gloucestershire where an average of 4 quad bikes, are stolen every month.

Greater care needs to be taken to combat the threat of quad bike theft in rural areas.  The main way to protect your quad bike is by making sure it is locked away securely, where no one can see it and in a place that would be difficult to gain access to it.

Quad bike security

  • Ground anchors, padlocks and chains, can all help to prevent Quad Bike theft.
  • Make sure the boundaries to your property are secure and always lock gates and check that they are secured properly.
  • Lock your quad bike out of sight in a secure garage.
  • Fit your quad bike with a tracker.
Secure quad bike storage

Secure quad bike storage

For secure quad bike storage, Asgard Secure Steel Storage offers quad bike security with its all metal quad bike garage. This garage is made from strong weatherproof steel and has been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to Level 1. This metal garage offers secure storage and security of the highest quality for your quad bike. Advanced security features, including reinforced doors, hinges and panels, a pick resistant locking mechanism and tough 5 point locking system, help to keep your quad bike safe. Find out more about Asgard Quad Bike Storage on the Asgard website.