Beware of bike theft

With summer not so far away, more people will be using their bikes and these longer days means an increased risk of bike theft.  According to the home office, in the months of June, July and August bike theft rises by an extra 25%! Recent reports have already been made this year about the increasing problems with bike theft and many areas are struggling to tackle the crime. This is particularly notable in places where the number of cyclists is significantly higher than average, such as Cambridge where 52% of residents cycle at least once a week and due to the large number of cyclists in the area, Cambridge has been named the UK bike theft capital.

Make sure that your bike is protected from theft this summer, by keeping your bike secure whenever it is not in use.

Bike security at home

  • Make sure your bike is covered by insurance
  • Invest in a secure bike shed
  • Don’t leave your bike unsecured in front of your home
  • Don’t store your bike in a shed which has windows
  • Use a ground anchor or shed alarm for additional security
Asgard twin bike locker

Asgard twin bike locker

Bike security when out

  • Lock your bike in a busy and well lit area
  • Try and leave your bike in an area with CCTV
  • Use 2 different types of lock
  • Make sure your bike is covered by insurance

Boom of Black Market Bikes

New research by Insurance company LV= has shown that the bike black market could be worth up to £58 million. The bike black market is booming in the UK as the populations interest in cycling continues to grow and the people purchasing these second hand bikes, asking no questions about their background.

Has your bike been stolen for the black market?

Has your bike been stolen for the black market?

The survey carried out by LV= on 2,000 bike owners showed that 21% have had their bike stolen and a third of these thefts occurred from a shed, garage or on their driveway. Bike thefts have also occurred away from the home, with 1 in 10 surveyed had their bike stolen from outside their office, bar or restaurant. While another 1 in 20 have had their bikes stolen three times or more.

If you are purchasing a bike second hand, it is important to ask questions about the bikes history before purchase to help ensure you aren’t purchasing a stolen bike. Although figures have shown that 4% of cyclists have purchased a bike which they have suspected to be stolen.

These figures show just how important bike security is, especially at home, as a third of thefts occur at the home. Make sure when your bike isn’t in use, it is locked away securely. Just because your bike is in a shed or a garage, doesn’t necessarily mean it is secure. Carry out security checks and assess your bike storage, could you break into it? If the answer is yes, then it’s not secure enough. Prevention is always better than the cure, so make sure your cycle storage is secure enough to begin with.

Secure Bike Storage

Secure Bike Storage

Asgard Secure Steel Storage is the home of the UK’s best-selling bike storage and has a wide range of secure bike sheds in a variety of sizes. This tough bike sheds are made from strong galvanised (weatherproof) steel and are fitted with strong locking systems and pick resistant locking mechanisms to keep thieves out! Take a look at the full range of cycle storage on the Asgard website.