Time for a Barbeque Party?

Are you planning a BBQ party?  With the Football and Wimbledon season in full swing, are you making the most of the lovely summer weather in the garden?

Everyone is rolling out their grills and dusting off the patio furniture. Summertime is meant for backyard gatherings with great food and drink with family and friends.  Whether its steak, chicken, ribs or veggies, barbecuing is a fun and easy way to make a delicious fun meal and keep your friends and family coming back for more!


Summer garden BBQ party – you’re invited!

Safety check – Before you plan your party and invite everyone round, make sure you are fully prepared.  If you are using Gas for your Barbeque, you will need to check that the gas bottles will be stored safely and secured to prevent any accidents.

The best way to store gas bottles is in a robust metal storage unit, such as the Asgas 38 gas bottle storage unit.  Built from weatherproof steel, the Asgard gas bottle storage range is available in 3 different designs to suit the three most popular gas bottle sizes.

Asgard Gas Bottle Storage

Asgard Gas Bottle Storage – Handy for BBQ’s

All of our gas bottle storage units have been designed in conjunction with Calor gas and are the only units on the market to be selected as Calor Choice products.

Security check – Without realising it, the costs of BBQ equipment do add up; with a BBQ grill, gas bottles, patio heating, garden furniture and lighting equipment, we recommend that they are kept locked away when they are not being used.  The best way to store them would be in a secure outdoor storage unit, such as the Asgard Classic metal storage unit, which will ensure they are kept safe and dry until the next BBQ party.

Asgard Classic outdoor storage unit

Store all your expensive garden equipment and BBQ safe and secure in the Asgard Classic outdoor storage unit.

The Asgard Classic Garden Storage unit provides high security outdoor storage of expensive garden equipment and furniture.  Built with a thick, heavy galvanised steel panel construction and large double door access, the Classic metal shed is an ideal store for all your high value garden equipment.  Fitted with a strong 5-point locking system with Loss Prevention Certification Board approval (to level 1), you can be assured this storage unit offers excellent garden equipment storage security.

If your planning a BBQ party and need some recipe ideas and help with setting up the BBQ grill visit the website from Calor Gas BBQ website here.

Don’t forget to get yourself the coolest new BBQ gadgets this summer at http://bit.ly/BBQmust-haves – Your BBQ party wont be complete without it!

For a full range of secure metal storage units for your garden visit our website now http://www.asgardsss.co.uk.


Metal storage for gardens

Metal garden sheds are becoming more and more popular with gardeners as they offer more for their buck, compared to wooden sheds, with more security features and little maintenance. Take a look at the key features of Asgard metal garden sheds.

Metal Garden Sheds from Asgard

Metal Garden Sheds from Asgard

1. Galvanised steel

All Asgard metal garden sheds are made from Weatherproof steel, for the toughest storage.

2. 10 year warranty

All Asgard sheds are suuplied with a 10yr warranty as standard.

3. No exposed screws

There are no dangerous exposed screws or sharp edges.

4. Accessories

Shed accessories such as hooks and shelves are available to purchase and allow you to maximise your storage space.

5. Ventilation system

Asgard sheds are fitted with a unique ventilation system to minimise condensation.

6. Integral metal floor

The integral metal floor adds more security to the metal shed.

7. Low maintenance

Metal sheds are low maintenance.

8. Easy assembly

Even though they are big, Asgard large metal garden sheds are easy to assemble and come with step by step instructions. An installation service is also available.

9. Pick resistant locking mechanism

This pick resistant locking mechanism helps keep your stored items safe.

10. Tough locking system

Tough locking systems help keep thieves away!

Unique Valentine’s day idea for Men

With less then a week to go until Valentine’s Day, many women will be wondering about the ideal gift for the man in their life.


Surprise him with a picnic in the garden!

Whilst a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates is a traditional gesture, why not go one step further this year and buy him a new Garden Shed?  If you want to do something a little different or just need some gift inspiration, we’ll help you make this Valentine’s Day extra special with an Asgard garden shed to enjoy all year round.

Valentines Gift from Asgard

Every man loves his space, and he will definitely love this stylish Garden Shed from Asgard.

The Flexistore metal garden shed gives you a quality alternative to the traditional wooden shed. With attractive styling and excellent build quality our units look good anywhere, providing secure storage year after year.

As with all of our ISO accredited products this secure metal shed is made from our strong, thick, galvanized steel, which is then coated with hardwearing polyester powder coat paint.  This process makes all of our sheds not only weatherproof but also tough and durable.

This metal shed is an excellent all rounder for both the amateur and professional gardener – and you can be sure he will appreciate such a unique gift for years to come.

For more information on the Asgard range of Garden Sheds – visit the Asgard website http://www.asgardsss.co.uk.