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We encourage you to leave a comment on any of our blog posts. In fact, your comments can be the basis for a new blog post, so do make sure you let our bloggers know that they stimulated you enough to respond. In return we only ask that you are respectful with what you write. In order to maintain the integrity of our blogs and their content, all comments are moderated.

Please be mindful that our readers are from diverse backgrounds with different sensibilities and opinions. Although we will not stifle discussion, please avoid harsh language and the use of profanity or we will delete your comment. While links to other useful websites and online resources are encouraged, we reserve the right to edit out personal email addresses and anything else we deem to be advertising.

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Please use a valid email address when commenting on ShedForce. It will not be displayed (unless you type it into the body of your comment, which we will edit out) and you will not be subscribed to any mailing list by leaving a comment. If you use an invalid email address your comment is likely to be removed.


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