Tour de France 2014 Countdown

The Tour de France 2013 is over! Big congratulations to Chris Froome, this year’s winner. But now that the Tour de France 2013 is over, the real excitement for many can really begin! Next year, the Tour de France 2014 will be hitting the UK, with the Grand Depart set to take place from West Yorkshire the home of Asgard Secure Steel Storage.

The Tour de France 2014 is Yorkshire’s chance to shine and everyone is getting involved. For thousands of UK cycling fans this is the moment they have been waiting for, chance to not only watch but to also be involved in the biggest cycling event of the year.

The Tour de France 2014

When it was announced that the Tour de France would be coming to Yorkshire, the Le Tour Maker campaign was launched. This campaign was launched to recruit volunteers to help out and show the world just how brilliant Yorkshire really is! So far a phenomenal 15,000 people have signed up to become Le Tour Makers, proving just how much people want to get involved with this prestigious sporting event.

Not only has the Tour de France encouraged people to volunteer, it has also encouraged more and more people to start cycling. From the moment Bradley Wiggins won the Tour De France in 2012, the people of Britain have been hit with the cycling bug and this has only been amplified by Chris Froome’s recent 2013 win.

Cycling activities across the UK have increased across, with more cycling festivals, cycle clubs and organised events popping up everywhere. More cyclists also means more bikes on the roads and more bikes unfortunately means a bigger threat of bike theft. If you’re one of the many new cyclists out there, make sure you make bike security a priority. Bike thieves are adapting and becoming smarter and using new tactics to find higher priced bikes to steal.

If you are concerned about the security of your bike, check out the Asgard range of bike sheds. Asgard is a UK Manufacturer based in West Yorkshire; we are company full of cyclists who are looking forward to the Tour de France landing on our door steps. Asgard bike sheds made and sold by people who love bikes, so you know you’re getting a product that works.

Insurance approved bike storage

Secure bike storage from Asgard

These bike sheds are made from strong weatherproof steel and are fitted with heavy duty locking mechanisms, depending on your chosen model, which are designed to help keep thieves out and leave your bikes safe. These bike storage units are available in a range of sizes for 1 up to 8 bikes. With a little help from Asgard, you’ll be able to enjoy cycling without putting your bike at risk.


How to keep your bike safe when on holiday

Purchasing a bike is a big investment but one is stolen every minute.

When you’re at home you ensure your bike is secure and safe, but what do you do when you go on holiday?

Protect your bike from theft

Protect your bike from theft

Ways to minimise bike theft

1.Bike locks

Bike locks are only successful in deterring theft if you make sure they are attached to both your frame and wheel. Most thieves say the best way to avoid your bike being stolen is if you use two locks going through each wheel. We would also recommend though using 2 different types of lock so if they work out how to break the first one they have to work out the second one as well. This means stealing your bike is more time consuming.

2. Put it somewhere very visible

If your bike is locked up in a busy area people are far less likely to be able to steal your bike and if they do they are certainly less likely to get away with it!

3. Bike Alarm

Asgard bike alarms give your bike extra security. Once activated, if someone attempts to move your bike or tamper with the lock, the siren automatically sounds, putting off potential thieves.

Asgard Bike garage at the Stanes

Asgard Bike garage at the Stanes

If you want the best bike security on your next cycling holiday The Stanes self-catering guest house has the Asgard Gladiator secure storage unit. This is the only mountain biking friendly property in the area with an Asgard bike security shed! So you will have plenty of room for your bikes and other cycling accessories allowing you to enjoy your holiday whilst knowing your bike is safe.

Could cycle route logging get your bike stolen?

A warning has been released by police in the Tamworth area, urging cyclists to be cautious about posting too many details about their cycle routes online. This warning has come after a spate of thefts in the area.

The police have suggested that it is possible that bike thieves are logging onto cycling websites, that enthusiastic cyclists use to log their routes, bike details etc and are using this information to steal their bikes.

Bike theft police warning

Bike theft police warning

Chief Inspector Ian Coxhead said “These are sites where cyclists can log the make of their bike and upload their cycle routes as tracked by the GPS devices, which can track people back to their home, so I would be cautious about what you advertise online”.

This type of bike theft is not too dissimilar from bike thieves following cyclists home after cycling events and finding out where they live, so that they can steal the bikes at a later date.  This was the case with charity bike rider Stuart Fox in Lincoln, who had four bikes stolen just hours after completing a charity bike ride and raising £1,500. Mr Fox said “I go out on my bike three or four times a week and I feel like maybe I’ve been watched”

When your bike isn’t in use, make sure your bike is fully protected at home and is stored securely and safely out of sight. Asgard bike storage units offer fantastic protection for bikes. These bike sheds are all made from strong weatherproof steel panels and have been designed to help keep thieves out!

Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

These bike storage units are available in a range of shapes and sizes and if you live in a particular risky area, the Asgard high security bike store will do the trick! View the full range of Asgard bike storage and help keep your bike protected from the risk of theft.

The best way to share a bike locker

The Asgard Double Ended Bike Locker, is the best way to share bike storage in a secure way, without leave your bike at risk to theft. This bike locker allows you to store 2 bikes independently, ideal for sharing!


1. Stores 2 bikes

This bike locker is designed to store up to 2 bikes separately of each other.

2. Includes storage hooks

Heavy duty hooks are provided with this bike locker, perfect for hanging helmets.

3. Internal locking point

This bike locker is designed to be shared, an internal locking point has been included as an added security measure.

4. Can be secured to a concrete base

Asgard bike lockers are supplied with fixing bolts, which can be used to secure the bike locker to a concrete base for added security.

5. 3 point locking system

A 3 point locking system is fitted to both doors on the Double Ended Bike Locker. Each door is operated by a different key, for private individual access.

6. Pick resistant lock

This bike locker is fitted with a euro cylinder pick and drill resistant lock.

7. Internal steel divider

A steel divider is fitted inside this bike locker, to securely separate your bike from the other.

8. Galvanised steel

The Double Ended Bike Locker is made from strong galvanised (weatherproof) steel, as are all Asgard storage units, for the toughest bike security.

9. Easy assembly

Asgard bike lockers are easy to assemble and are provided with step by step instructions. An installation service is also available.

10. Ideal for down the side of a house

This bike locker is designed to provide space saving bike storage and is ideal for sitting down the side of a house or flat.

View the full range of Asgard bike storage to find the perfect bike store for you.

How to protect your bike from theft at home

You may think that your wooden garden shed is substantial enough to keep your bike protected from the prying eyes and quick fingers of thieves, but you’d be wrong! A large amount of bike thefts take place at home and the majority of those bikes are stolen from wooden garden sheds or garages and these type of thefts will be on the increase as we head into summer.

Recently, a shed in Westhoughton has fallen victim to this crime and the unlucky owner of the shed has lost 3 bikes of great value totalling  £9,000.  It didn’t take long for the thieves to make their way into the garden and force their way into the shed, in the early hours of the morning, to steal the bikes. With an earlier sunrise, there are more opportunities for bike thieves to work in good light conditions, without risking being caught.

Protect your bike from theft

Protect your bike from theft

Neighbours of the victim said:

“I am really surprised as it’s a quiet street. Nothing like that usually happens. I hope they manage to find the thieves and bikes.” 

“I am a light sleeper and I didn’t hear a thing.”

Stories like this show that you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your bikes safe at home.

One of the best ways to protect your bike from theft, is by investing in an Asgard bike storage unit. These metal bike sheds are made from tough weatherproof steel and have been designed to give you the best protection for your bikes. Asgard bike sheds are fitted with pick resistant euro cylinder locks and have integral metal bases for the best security.

Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

“Excellent product. Delivery service was great. Product heavy weight and very sturdy. Easy to follow instructions. Easy access to contents. Very secure.Very happy with purchase” Revive

View the full range of Asgard bike storage on the Asgard website.

Is this the new bike theft deterrent?

A team from Newcastle University may have found a new way to deter bike theft. The team decided to test out a theory that people behave better when they think they are being watched. Research has been carried out for 2 years, by placing pictures of staring eyes above cycle racks around the university campus.


Bike thief

It was found that there was a 62% drop in crime rates at the bike racks which featured these pictures and the bike racks without these pictures saw thefts increase by 63%.

Due to the massive positive effect that this has had on crime rates at the university, it is now being tested at various train stations by the British Transport police.

This may prove to be an effective way to deter bike theft from public areas, however this may become less and less effective as thieves realise there is no real threat behind the image.

This may work in a public place, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have the same effect at some one’s home. Make sure your bike is fully protected from theft at home, by keeping it locked away securely and out of sight.

If you’re looking for secure home bike storage, Asgard metal bike sheds offer fantastic protection against theft. See the full Asgard metal bike shed range here.

Statistics provided by BBC News.

British Bike Theft Gangs

We’ve seen the reports, statistics and figures, so we know the problem of bike theft is on the rise in the UK and if you’ve been unlucky enough to be a victim of theft yourself, you’ll know all the hassle that it can cause.  The increase in bike thefts is thought to have emerged from peoples increasing interest in cycling.

Another case of large bike thefts in one particular area has emerged. Police have reported that in Beverley, £43,000 worth of bikes have been stolen in the last 2 months alone. These thieves have been targeting outbuildings and garden sheds in search of bikes.

Bike thefts reported in Beverly

Bike thefts reported in Beverly

One victim of this crime, James Harper spoke out about his experience, in which £10,000 worth of bikes were stolen from his shed.

The criminals seemed to have good knowledge that I had the bikes, where the bikes were and then they made every effort to leave the crime scene as if it was untouched……..Those first moments when you see the space where your bikes should be and the realisation someone has been on your property and taken what is yours is just sickening”.

Crimes like these, highlight that you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your bikes secure and an ordinary garden shed isn’t going to stop any thief.

How do you keep a bike safe from theft?

When you are cycling home, or driving with your bike attached to your car, it is a good idea to check that you aren’t being followed home. Bike thieves are becoming smarter and are now following bikes so that they can steal them at a later date. Once they know where your bikes are, you’ll have to rely on the security of your bike storage to stop them.

High Security Bike Shed

High Security Bike Shed

If you are looking for something more secure to store your bikes in, the Asgard High Security Bike Shed offers fantastic bike security. This all metal bike storage unit is made from strong weatherproof steel and is fitted with high security features. A pick resistant locking mechanism and 5 point locking system, help to keep your bike secure and are aided by reinforced doors hinges and panels. This is the toughest bike shed around and has been insurance approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to level 1. Find out more about this high security bike shed on the Asgard website.

Information provided by the Hull Daily