How to keep your bike safe when on holiday

Purchasing a bike is a big investment but one is stolen every minute.

When you’re at home you ensure your bike is secure and safe, but what do you do when you go on holiday?

Protect your bike from theft

Protect your bike from theft

Ways to minimise bike theft

1.Bike locks

Bike locks are only successful in deterring theft if you make sure they are attached to both your frame and wheel. Most thieves say the best way to avoid your bike being stolen is if you use two locks going through each wheel. We would also recommend though using 2 different types of lock so if they work out how to break the first one they have to work out the second one as well. This means stealing your bike is more time consuming.

2. Put it somewhere very visible

If your bike is locked up in a busy area people are far less likely to be able to steal your bike and if they do they are certainly less likely to get away with it!

3. Bike Alarm

Asgard bike alarms give your bike extra security. Once activated, if someone attempts to move your bike or tamper with the lock, the siren automatically sounds, putting off potential thieves.

Asgard Bike garage at the Stanes

Asgard Bike garage at the Stanes

If you want the best bike security on your next cycling holiday The Stanes self-catering guest house has the Asgard Gladiator secure storage unit. This is the only mountain biking friendly property in the area with an Asgard bike security shed! So you will have plenty of room for your bikes and other cycling accessories allowing you to enjoy your holiday whilst knowing your bike is safe.


Beware of bike theft

With summer not so far away, more people will be using their bikes and these longer days means an increased risk of bike theft.  According to the home office, in the months of June, July and August bike theft rises by an extra 25%! Recent reports have already been made this year about the increasing problems with bike theft and many areas are struggling to tackle the crime. This is particularly notable in places where the number of cyclists is significantly higher than average, such as Cambridge where 52% of residents cycle at least once a week and due to the large number of cyclists in the area, Cambridge has been named the UK bike theft capital.

Make sure that your bike is protected from theft this summer, by keeping your bike secure whenever it is not in use.

Bike security at home

  • Make sure your bike is covered by insurance
  • Invest in a secure bike shed
  • Don’t leave your bike unsecured in front of your home
  • Don’t store your bike in a shed which has windows
  • Use a ground anchor or shed alarm for additional security
Asgard twin bike locker

Asgard twin bike locker

Bike security when out

  • Lock your bike in a busy and well lit area
  • Try and leave your bike in an area with CCTV
  • Use 2 different types of lock
  • Make sure your bike is covered by insurance

Beat Bike Theft

As we know, bike theft is a continuing problem and figures show it is only getting worse. According to figures bike theft has become so common that it affects 1 in 5 cyclists. LV= insurance company found that a fifth of bikes are stolen within 6 months of purchase.

These new statistics have shown that bike theft has risen by 7% in the last year, however the true figure could be much larger as many as 30% of these thefts going unreported.

Have you been a bike theft victim?

Have you been a bike theft victim?

Reports have also uncovered a shocking amount of repeat bike theft victims, as one in 20 have had their bikes stolen three times or more and this has cost victims an average of £220 to replace their bikes.

Research found that the most common place for bike theft is at home, with 30% of bikes being taken from sheds and garages. Make sure your bike is securely locked when you are at home. Many bike owners don’t take as much care with bike security when they are at home, as they feel less at risk of theft.

Keep your bike stored securely at home with secure bike storage from Asgard Secure Steel Storage. Our bike storage sheds are tough! If you are looking for the best bike security the Asgard Annexe is a High Security Bike Shed, with the best security for your bike. This garden bike shed has been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to Level 1 and has been fitted with top security features.

Garden Bike Shed

Garden Bike Shed

The tough 5 point locking system, integral metal base and reinforced doors, hinges and panels all work together to keep your bike safe. See a full range of secure bike sheds on the Asgard Website.

Top 10 Hotspots for Bike Theft

If you live in any of these areas you should be increasingly weary of how you store your bike. A new list has been complied of the top 10 worst places for bike thefts in England, from a survey carried out by Halifax Home Insurance.

  1. Central London
  2. Kingston- upon- Thames
  3. Cambridge
  4. Bristol
  5. York
  6. Oxford
  7. Richmond and Twickenham
  8. Brighton
  9. Portsmouth
  10. Nottingham
Protect your bike from theft

Protect your bike from theft

Bike security is always important and with 440,000 bikes stolen last year, which is an increase of 10% from the previous year, there’s nothing to say that your bike won’t be next. Keeping your bike secure at home and away should become second nature, if you don’t want to lose your bike to theft.

How to keep your bike safe when you are out and about:

  • Use a bike rack whenever possible and use two different kinds of locks to secure your bike.
  • Leave your bike in a busy and well lit area.
  • Mark your bike with your postcode on the frame.

How to keep your bike safe at home:

  • Keep your bike locked in a secure shed or garage.
  • Make sure your bike is always locked away when not in use.
  • Never leave your shed or garage door open for passers-by to see the contents.
Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

If you don’t have storage for your bike at home, investing in a secure bike shed is one of the best ways to guarantee your bikes security when at home. Asgard is the home of the UK’s best-selling bike storage and has a range of secure bike sheds in a variety of sizes and budgets to suit all.  Made from strong weatherproof steel and fitted with features to provide the best security for your bike. Find out more about these bike security sheds on the Asgard website.