How can I store 2 bikes?

This 2 bike locker from Asgard offers space saving bike storage for up to 2 bikes. Fitted with a variety features, this is one of the best ways to secure your bikes outside.

How to store 2 bikes

How to store 2 bikes

1. Galvanised Steel

Asgard bike storage units are made from strong weatherproof steel panels.

2. Easy Assembly

This bike locker is supplied with easy to follow step by step instructions, an assembly service is also available.

3. Low Maintenance

Asgard metal sheds require little maintenance.

4. 10 Year Warranty

All Asgard storage units are supplied with a 10 year warranty as standard.

5. Fits 2 Bikes

The twin bike locker is designed to store 2 bikes securely.

6. Storage Hooks

This bike locker is supplied with two hooks for storing cycle helmets and accessories.

7. Secure to a concrete base

More security can be added to this bike locker, by bolting it to a concrete base.

8. Ventilation System

Fitted with a unique ventilation system to minimise condensation.

9. Pick Resistant Lock

The pick resistant locking mechanism helps to keep thieves out.

10. Tough Locking System

Your bikes are kept secure behind a tough 3 point locking system.


Which bike storage do you recommend for small spaces?

Trying to find the best bike storage for your bikes, when you are short on space can be difficult. There are plenty of indoor bike storage solutions out there, but if you hate the idea of hanging your bike on a wall or suspending it from the ceiling, there are other options available.

Asgard is the home of the UK’s best-selling bike storage, offering compact and space saving bike storage. These Asgard Single and Twin home bike lockers have been designed with space saving in mind and are ideal for down the side of a house or flat.

Asgard twin bike locker

Asgard twin bike locker

These home bike lockers offer great bike security, made from strong weatherproof steel, fitted with tough 3 point locking system and pick resistant locking mechanism, to provide your bikes with the best protection and all Asgard bike storage units come with a 10 year anti perforation warranty.

Asgard single bike locker

Asgard single bike locker

“This bike locker is exactly what I needed to store my 2 bikes. I can fit my helmet and bike accessories inside. The service I received was good, although I did have to wait a few weeks for my locker as they are made to order. Assembly was simple enough, with easy to follow instructions. The unit seems very secure and no one has tried to break in yet. Overall it is a great product”. TH

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