How to avoid the most common motorcycle accidents

In 2011, 362 motorcycle users were killed on Britain’s roads. This may seem like common sense, but when you are out on your motorbike it is important to ride safe. This allows you to protect yourself and the people around you. According to research, there are 5 common motorcycle crashes that can be avoided.

The 5 most common types of motorcycle crash are:

  • Failure to negotiate left hand bend on country A road
  • Failure to negotiate right hand bend on country A road
  • Collision at junctions
  • Collision while overtaking
  • Loss of control

Navigating bends on country roads

Some bends on country roads are smooth and even, others are tight. If you approach a bend at too high a speed you will find yourself with a major problem. If in doubt, it is best to lose speed before the bend to give yourself more time to react.

Ride safe

Ride safe while on your motorbike

How to avoid collisions while overtaking

With overtaking it is important to know how your bike accelerates, as well as being able to judge speed and distance.

Don’t overtake when approaching:

  • Bends
  • Junctions
  • Lay-bys
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Hills

When filtering past slow moving traffic, do so with care as other drivers will have reduced visibility and may pull out in front of you.

How to avoid loss of control

Help prevent losing control when on your motorbike.  You should:

  • Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front
  • Adjust your driving style to suit the weather conditions
  • Be aware of hazards
  • Pay attention to road signs

Summer motorcycle routes

The beautiful summer weather we’re having here won’t last long! So now is the best time to make sure you get out and enjoy your motorbike. What could be a better way to spend a long summer day? Why not try something different and go somewhere new. If you need a little inspiration, take a look at some of these motorcycle routes from all over the UK.

Horsham to Hastings

65 miles

This South Coast route provides plenty of beautiful scenery along the way, which is perfect for the summer weather. This may not be the longest route, but there are plenty of places to stop off along the way, allowing you to turn this into a long day trip or weekend adventure.

Barnstaple to Exmoor National Park

90 miles

This route will give you wonderful views of the coast and the National Park. With scenery so good, you might have to stop just to take it all in! Full of steep climbs, drops and corners, this ride will be far from dull!

Motorcycle routes

Washington to Hawes

65 miles

Hawes is an area that is a favourite with a lot of bikers. What could be better than travelling by bike into the Yorkshire dales on a glorious sunny day? You’ll have plenty to see along the way, with lots of little villages to stop off in.

Norwich to Fakenham

25 miles

This may only be a short route, but by one biker this has been described as ‘the best road in the world’! An excellent road surface, with fantastic corners and rural scenery, what more could you ask for?

Summer motorbike rides

Gilpin Bridge to Bowness-on-Windermere

10 miles

A quiet route, which is free of tourists, is perfect for getting some real speed. This hidden gem, may not be very long but with sweeping corners, twists and turns you’ll be glad you chose this route.

Blairgowire to Ballater

50 miles

This fast route is bendy with wide open views. On this route you’ll see mountains and forest, so make sure you stop and give yourself time to take in the amazing views.  This route is best saved for the warm weather, so perfect for this time of year.

The Classic Motorcycle Magazine take a look at the Asgard Motorcycle Storage Shed


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Old Bike Mart Magazine review the Asgard Motorcycle Garage

The Asgard Motorcycle Garage has been reviewed again, this time the press coverage has been given by Old Bike Mart Magazine.

Asgard reviewed by Old Bike Mart

Here’s a peak at what Old Bike Mart thought;

“The shed went together easier than expected, requiring minimal tools..”

“(the doors) open and shut perfectly”

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Asgard Motorcycle storage

The Asgard Motorcycle garage is made from strong weatherproof steel and is the ONLY motorcycle garage approved by the UK Locksmith Association. This metal garage has been designed to provide secure storage for your motorbike and accessories. Fitted with high security features including a 5 point locking system, with a pick resistant locking mechanism and reinforced doors, hinges and panels to keep your valuable motorbike protected from theft.

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, if you’re still stuck on what to buy don’t panic. Deciding what to buy can seem like a chore, especially when you want to move away from the typical chocolates and flowers. We’ve come up with a few valentines’ gift ideas to keep you out of the dog house!

For the Cyclist

Jewellery: There is a huge variety of cycling themed jewellery available from bike charms to cufflinks. Remember a cycling gift doesn’t have to be for their bike!

Clothing: Treat your loved one to a new piece of cycling clothing or accessory to help keep them warm during this cold weather.

Cycling holiday: If you’re feeling flush, take your loved one on a romantic cycling getaway, whether it be a long weekend abroad or a country escape, there are plenty of destinations perfect for cycling.

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!

For the Gardener

Bulbs/ Seeds: Instead of buying them flowers, if they love to garden they will be happy to grow their own. Try buying them seeds or bulbs of a flower/plant that they have never grown before.

Gardening accessories: Just because the garden is typically muddy and dirty, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. How about treating your loved one to a new pair of gardening gloves or brightly coloured wellington boots?

Decorations: Does your special someone love decorating their garden with unique ornaments? A personalised garden ornament or decoration will go down a treat!

For the Biker

Leathers: Love seeing your motorcyclist in all their leathers? Give them a gift you’ll both appreciate!

Tickets: Getting tickets to the next big motorcycle event is a sure way to win and keep your bikers affections.

Motorcycle Experience: Experience gifts are sure to be a memorable and will never be forgotten. 

Motorcycle theft Hotspots UK

Unsurprisingly the worst hotspot in the UK for Motorcycle theft is London, the worst postcode area being SW, with a motorcycle theft rate 4 times that of the UK average. The worst area for motorcycle theft outside of London is Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, which is the only town outside of London in the top 10 places for motorbike theft. Things aren’t looking much better for another West Yorkshire town, Halifax, which has the third worst record outside of London. The research carried out by Carole Nash has shown that areas of West Yorkshire are not far behind that of London.

Research showed that the Honda SCV 100 Lead is the most popular choice of motorbike for motorcycle thieves, for the second year in a row according to figures from motorcycle insurer Carole Nash and in the UK there are an average of 77 motorcycles and scooters stolen every day and motorcycle theft in general is on the rise, costing around £105 million every year.

Stop that thief in his tracks

Stop that thief in his tracks

A spokesperson for insurance firm Carole Nash stated that “a lot of thefts are opportunistic an some bikers are guilty of creating opportunity”

Motorcycle owners should take greater care when securing their bikes. With so much theft, motorcycle security is of the greatest importance. Your motorcycle will always be more vulnerable to theft when you are away from home, however fitting your motorbike with security devices such as alarms and chains will help and could deter a potential thief.

When you are at home, make sure your motorcycle is always locked away and out of sight. Leaving your motorcycle out in plain sight, with just a motorcycle cover will not offer your motorcycle any protection. Your motorcycle should be kept in a secure garage. Asgard has a range of secure metal motorcycle buildings, specifically designed to house your motorcycle securely.

The Asgard motorcycle Garage offers maximum security for your motorbike.

The Asgard motorcycle Garage offers maximum security for your motorbike.

“As described the garage is a great size and again as mentioned on the website counts as garaged for my insurance purposes so very very happy”. – Dan

These metal garages are the ONLY ones in the UK approved by the UK Locksmiths Association and offer excellent motorcycle security. Asgard motorcycle garages are made from strong weatherproof steel and are fitted with a tough 5 point locking system, pick resistant locking mechanism and reinforced doors, hinges and panels to keep thieves out! Visit the Asgard website for more details.

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