Top Ten Places to Go Cycling This Summer

1.Swinley Forest.

Variable distances

Situated to the South-West of Windsor Great Park, Swinley forest comprises over 2600 acres of woodland. There are numerous trails to choose from so you can find one appropriate to your ability. Recently there has been a lot of investment into new facilities so it’s well worth a visit.


Approx. 13 miles

This route takes you through quite country lanes and plenty of beautiful scenic pubs to stop at on the way. With few hills and little traffic this is a good ride for most of the family.

3. Kennet and Avon Canal, Bath to Reading

85 miles

Britain’s most popular long distance waterside cycle route passes through areas of outstanding natural beauty and features aqueducts, tunnels and historic buildings. Riders can do this in a day but less experienced cyclists can split this into 3 sections.

4. Mawddach Trail Cycleway, Wales (Dolgellau to Barmouth)

10 miles

A disused railway line, stunning ride running below the foothills of Cadair Iris and tucked away in the south of the Snowdonia national park this is an idyllic ride suitable for all the family.

5. Tarka Trail

31 miles

This route is renowned for its wildlife along the way there are “discovery posts” with information on the wildlife around that area. You could be lucky enough to spot an otter on the river bank! This is a great way to explore rural Devon.

6. Grizedale Forest

Variable distances

With 8 routes to choose from Grizedale is perfect for the family with lots of facilities including a bike hire shop where you can hire normal bikes as well as adult tag along bikes and trailers for young children.  Once you’ve finished cycling there is a café, playground and shops.

7. Causeway Coast Cycle Route (Giants Causeway to Benone)

23 miles

The route has fine sea views over as well as a railway path to the Giant Causeway Visitor centre which is a World Heritage site created by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available at towns throughout the route.

8. Tweed Valley


One of the most visited tourist attractions in Scotland. The trails are graded so it’s good for beginners as well as more experienced riders. Bikes are available for hire as well as tuition at the ‘Dirt School’ where groups are split into different abilities.

9. Purbeck Ride, Dorset

47 miles

Rural scenery and costal views with a few historic landmarks along the way; this route is mainly on roads with a few steep hills and is ideal for confident riders.

10.The Camel Trail, Cornwall

18 miles

Based on an historic railway track passes through beautiful Cornish countryside. It goes along the coast as well as through areas of forest and is relatively flat so perfect for families.


It’s not always easy when you’re away from home to keep your bike secure. So take a look at one of Asgard’s bike storage units so you know your bike is safe from theft!


Could cycle route logging get your bike stolen?

A warning has been released by police in the Tamworth area, urging cyclists to be cautious about posting too many details about their cycle routes online. This warning has come after a spate of thefts in the area.

The police have suggested that it is possible that bike thieves are logging onto cycling websites, that enthusiastic cyclists use to log their routes, bike details etc and are using this information to steal their bikes.

Bike theft police warning

Bike theft police warning

Chief Inspector Ian Coxhead said “These are sites where cyclists can log the make of their bike and upload their cycle routes as tracked by the GPS devices, which can track people back to their home, so I would be cautious about what you advertise online”.

This type of bike theft is not too dissimilar from bike thieves following cyclists home after cycling events and finding out where they live, so that they can steal the bikes at a later date.  This was the case with charity bike rider Stuart Fox in Lincoln, who had four bikes stolen just hours after completing a charity bike ride and raising £1,500. Mr Fox said “I go out on my bike three or four times a week and I feel like maybe I’ve been watched”

When your bike isn’t in use, make sure your bike is fully protected at home and is stored securely and safely out of sight. Asgard bike storage units offer fantastic protection for bikes. These bike sheds are all made from strong weatherproof steel panels and have been designed to help keep thieves out!

Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

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Is this the new bike theft deterrent?

A team from Newcastle University may have found a new way to deter bike theft. The team decided to test out a theory that people behave better when they think they are being watched. Research has been carried out for 2 years, by placing pictures of staring eyes above cycle racks around the university campus.


Bike thief

It was found that there was a 62% drop in crime rates at the bike racks which featured these pictures and the bike racks without these pictures saw thefts increase by 63%.

Due to the massive positive effect that this has had on crime rates at the university, it is now being tested at various train stations by the British Transport police.

This may prove to be an effective way to deter bike theft from public areas, however this may become less and less effective as thieves realise there is no real threat behind the image.

This may work in a public place, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have the same effect at some one’s home. Make sure your bike is fully protected from theft at home, by keeping it locked away securely and out of sight.

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Statistics provided by BBC News.

Anti-theft bike stand

A new bike stand has been designed to offer cyclists secure bike storage in cities.  This new concept of bike stand is an anti-theft lock stand created by R&D Core. The bike stand works by rolling the bike into grooves in the ground.  When the stand is activated, a lock attaches the bike frame to the stand and two bolts slip through the spokes of each bike wheel, immobilising the bike. The user can then access their bike using smartphone or smartcard. This new concept may be just what is needed to stop bike theft away from the home in its tracks.

New concept bike rack

New concept bike rack

Although many bike users are most concerned about their bikes safety when out and about, the majority of bike theft actually occurs at the home. Never underestimate the importance of secure bike storage at home. Reports of home bike theft are always increasing and as summer approaches, garden shed thefts will also be on the increase and your bike will be vulnerable. If you store your bike in a standard wooden garden shed, it is unfortunately only a matter of time before it will be stolen. Make sure you have the best protection for your bike at home with a strong metal bike shed.

Asgard best selling bike storage

Asgard best selling bike storage

These bike sheds from Asgard are made from strong weatherproof steel, fitted with tough locking systems and come with a wide range of features. Take a look at the full range of secure bike storage from Asgard.

Information provided by Bikebiz

Boom of Black Market Bikes

New research by Insurance company LV= has shown that the bike black market could be worth up to £58 million. The bike black market is booming in the UK as the populations interest in cycling continues to grow and the people purchasing these second hand bikes, asking no questions about their background.

Has your bike been stolen for the black market?

Has your bike been stolen for the black market?

The survey carried out by LV= on 2,000 bike owners showed that 21% have had their bike stolen and a third of these thefts occurred from a shed, garage or on their driveway. Bike thefts have also occurred away from the home, with 1 in 10 surveyed had their bike stolen from outside their office, bar or restaurant. While another 1 in 20 have had their bikes stolen three times or more.

If you are purchasing a bike second hand, it is important to ask questions about the bikes history before purchase to help ensure you aren’t purchasing a stolen bike. Although figures have shown that 4% of cyclists have purchased a bike which they have suspected to be stolen.

These figures show just how important bike security is, especially at home, as a third of thefts occur at the home. Make sure when your bike isn’t in use, it is locked away securely. Just because your bike is in a shed or a garage, doesn’t necessarily mean it is secure. Carry out security checks and assess your bike storage, could you break into it? If the answer is yes, then it’s not secure enough. Prevention is always better than the cure, so make sure your cycle storage is secure enough to begin with.

Secure Bike Storage

Secure Bike Storage

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