Top tips for buying your first static caravan

So you’ve decided that you want to purchase a static caravan. Here’s a list of key things that you should think about before making your purchase.

What are the costs involved?

Make sure you set yourself a realistic budget for how much you can afford to spend on the static caravan itself. Not forgetting that this isn’t the only cost that you have to worry about. There will also be annual costs to pay such as: a pitch fee, management fee, utility charges and insurance.

If you are purchasing a brand new caravan, check if the price includes the transportation to your chosen caravan site.

Brand new or pre owned?

Check with the park owners, how long you are allowed to keep a static caravan on their site before you replace it. Some parks have no age limit, whereas others have a maximum of 15 years.  Bear this in mind when purchasing both brand new and second hand. If you are purchasing a pre-owned static caravan, you only have the balance of years left on the lease before having to purchase a new one.



Take the time to carefully consider where you are going to have your static caravan.  Do research and create a short list. Visit each place that you are considering, making sure you see all of the facilities that are available and visit the nearest town. If possible, speak to other caravan owners at the park.  Also consider how long it will take you to get to your caravan, from your home and will the distance allow you to use it regularly.

When do you want to visit?

Check when the holiday park is open, as they typically close during the winter months to allow for essential maintenance. Generally caravan parks are open for a maximum of 10 months a year and there may be some restrictions on how long you can spend there in one go.

Is it pet friendly?

If you are a dog owner, make sure you check that the park is pet friendly beforehand.

Static Caravan essentials

You will need to purchase new items for your caravan, just to make it liveable. Items you’ll need include linens, cutlery, crockery etc. Take this as a good opportunity to clear out the overflow from your home.  If you find your caravan is quickly overflowing with stuff, you’ll be able to purchase a caravan storage unit from Asgard. These metal sheds sit outside your caravan and are the ideal way to store surplus caravan items securely.

Asgard Caravan Site storage

Asgard Caravan Site storage

Remember owning a static caravan is a very worthwhile investment, if you plan on using it regularly you’ll save time and money on expensive holidays abroad.


How do you get more storage space for a caravan?

Caravan owners will know just how quickly the storage space inside a caravan can fill up and before you know it, you’ve run out of room for your caravan must haves. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, there are only a few options for you. You can either stop buying more stuff for your caravan, or get rid of those items you rarely use. But what if you don’t want to do either of these,  what is the best way to create more storage space? Asgard has a solution!

Asgard Secure Steel Storage has a range of secure caravan site storage units, designed specifically to sit outside your caravan. These are available in 4 sizes, to suit all storage needs. These caravan site storage units are made from strong weatherproof steel and are fitted with features to keep your stored items secure. Asgard caravan storage sheds are perfect for seasonal items such as BBQ’s, outdoor furniture and play equipment.

“Very satisfied with service and delivery.  Instructions were easy to follow and easy to erect.  Happy with storage which we use for our caravan equipment.” BW

Asgard Caravan Site storage

Asgard Caravan Site storage

“We are delighted with the storage unit. It is just the very thing we have been looking for. It was delivered and unloaded by the courier driver on the time and date agreed.All the bits were there and fitted together really well. The instructions were clear and what a good idea to include one or two extra screws and bolts. The quality of build was first class and the finish excellent. It looks and feels very secure. We have had several other caravan owners having a close look at the bike store and the comments were very favourable. Thanks again for an excellent product and for your customer aware service” –Yeoman Smith

Not only are these storage units secure, they look good too! Take a look at the full range on the Asgard website.

Caravans targeted by burglars

2012 saw a rise in the number of burglaries on static caravans in the UK. An increase in these burglaries was seen in caravanning destinations such as Skegness, Wales, Newcastle, Lancaster and Worcester. These burglaries increased particularly in the winter period, as the caravan parks are much quieter. Caravans are being emptied of any high value goods such as televisions and other electrical items.

One caravan park in Skegness was hit with 20 burglaries in one night. A similar report came from Worcester where 5 caravans were targeted in one night and valuable items and cash were stolen.

Enjoy a Caravan break this Spring!

Is your caravan protected from theft?

The nature of static caravan burglaries is that thieves will look out for unoccupied caravans, close to dense foliage, allowing them to steal with a lower risk of being caught. Burglars are able to gain access into caravans by using small bathroom windows as a point of entry. These should be fitted with strong locks to prevent forced entry and help protect your caravan.

Police are urging people to take greater care in securing their caravans. A caravan should be protected in the same way that you would protect your home.

Caravan security tips:

  • Never leave expensive items such as TV’s and Games consoles in your caravan, when you aren’t using your caravan.
  • Leave cupboard doors and curtains open as thieves will be put off by the empty appearance.
  • Have secure door and window locks fitted to your caravan.
  • Fit an alarm and use it!
  • Mark any valuable items inside your caravan.

If you want security for your seasonal items that always stay with your caravan, such as BBQ’s and outdoor furniture, then take a look at the Asgard range of Caravan Site Storage.

Asgard Caravan Site Storage

Asgard Caravan Site Storage

These metal storage units sit perfectly outside of your caravan and offer additional secure storage space. These caravan storage sheds are made from strong weatherproof steel and offer the best caravan site security for your items. The Asgard caravan site storage units are used at caravan parks all over the UK and are a preferred product of Park resorts. . Find out more about these caravan site storage sheds on the Asgard website.